SCC Reflects On His UNFOLDING Life Story – JesusFreakHideout

Steven sits down with John DiBiase from Jesus Freak Hideout  for this new, in-depth interview explaining what The Glorious Unfolding means to him, his career and his future.


“I feel like every song [I’ve written] I have the word “wanna” in there somewhere. I’ve overused that word so many times because I feel like all these songs are like “God, this is what I want to be true of my life. I’m writing this from a place of ‘this is what I desire, this is what I want to believe. Help my unbelief. I believe it, help my unbelief.” 


“So the theme of that was very clear to me from the beginning. So I just began to take another step and another step–as the song says–in that direction. And as I did, it was literally like, almost as I held that basket up and said, “Alright God, I’m kind of terrified of this, cuz there’s so much expectation that I’m feeling–putting on myself about this record being fresh and new and great and all the things my old records, the best ones, were–and even more because it’s a new record, yadda yadda yadda! I gotta give all that to You and just offer up what I have and start the process.” And then God really started to–y’know, the song ideas started to come and I did end up writing a lot more than I needed but felt like I had what I really needed to communicate.”



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