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If you do not see your question below please contact us at or call 615.775.1088

How do I register?
Register with $150 initial non-refundable deposit to hold your place in the group.  Submit your registration form online HERE or call 615.775.1088 to have one emailed to you (one per registrant to TNP by fax, mail, or email).  Remaining balance will be paid in two equal payments on November 15, 2013 and December 15, 2013.

How will we travel to NYC?
True North Presents can book group discount flights for you or your group into NYC and manage all transportation to and from the LGA – LaGuardia airport.

Can I use air-miles to travel?
Yes.  If using air-miles or airline employee discounts helps you join the group we will work with you to coordinate your travel schedule with the group.  Please contact True North Presents to coordinate your travel arrangements.

Can I invite a friend from another city to join our group?
Yes… if there is enough room in the choir or in the Friends (non-performers) group, it is possible that someone from another location could join our group and stay with you.  True North Presents will coordinate their travel to match the group’s arrivals and departures.

What is the concert attire?
All black.  Men:  black long sleeve shirt, slacks, tie, no coats, no tuxes.  Ladies:  black “floor-length”, long or short sleeve but no sleeveless, dresses / skirts preferred but loose flowing pants are acceptable.

Is music provided for the concert?
Music will be provided in digital pdf format;  singers will print their own folder and bring in black binder / folio.  We suggest printing your music as double-sided copies to reduce the number of pages in your folder.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my package reservation?
All deposits are non-refundable.  We recommend travel insurance if you are concerned that your travel may be interrupted for any reason.  See the Tour Schedules document and the Land Package document for full policies on refunds.

Will there be a lot of walking in NYC?
Our host hotel is centrally located in Mid-town Manhattan (on 7th Avenue about half way between Times Square and Central Park with many major attractions and the theatre district within a short walking distance).  Subway and cab transportation is available for activities that are a great distance from our hotel, but many places you will want to visit are within walking distance.  If you have limitations walking you will have taxi and subway options available to you.

What’s the cost of tourism in NYC?
Many attractions in NYC are free to the public.  You can easily fill up your free time and not spend anything for admission.  Your package will include a pass to the Empire State Building.  You may consider taking in a Broadway show or play (tickets range from $60 to $120).  Discount tickets can be purchased the “day of” a show at the TKTS stand in Times Square.

Do I audition to join the choir?
No audition necessary. If you are active in a local music ministry or have experience in choral singing you are welcome to join the choir for this unique performance.

Will I learn the music before coming to NYC?
Yes. You will receive the choral music 60-90 days prior to your travel. You will be expected to learn your parts on 12-14 song selections before traveling to NY. Our rehearsals in NY will be for polishing the music for the performance. We encourage singers to come in groups if possible so they can learn the music together prior to travel. Guests signing up less than 60 days prior to the event will be sent their parts upon full balance being received.

What is the concert attire for the choir?
All black. Men will wear black slacks, shoes, long-sleeve black button-down, collared shirt and tie. Ladies will wear black all the way to the floor (no sleeveless) – dresses preferred but flowing pants (that look more like a skirt) are acceptable.

How long is the concert?…do we stand the entire time?
The concert will be 2 hours with a 20 minute intermission. Singers will be able to sit intermittently throughout the concert.

Do I plan my own travel to New York?
Travel for groups of 10 or more will coordinated through True North Travel Services and will enjoy the best fares available into NY LaGuardia Airport and ground transportation into Midtown Manhattan. Individuals are able to plan their own travel into NYC and coordinate their individual ground transportation into the city.

Can I invite someone from another city?
Absolutely! Just have one person register each participant and coordinate your travel to meet in NYC. If you have any special arrangement just contact True North Presents. We’re glad to help make it happen for you.

Can I use Reward Miles for air travel into NYC?
Yes. Group passengers and individual passengers are free to use reward miles/points.

What about meals and additional entertainment/tourism?
Our schedule allows free time to enjoy other entertainment activities at your leisure. For meals, you are free to plan your dining options in NY – there are endless meal options within walking distance of our host hotel at all price points.

What is the tentative itinerary for the event:


  • Arrivals to the hotel – check-in, ticket pick up, meet the SCC team.
  • Specific check-in instructions will be given in our Master Schedule coming later.
  • Evening free to enjoy NYC – a good time to use your Empire State Building Ticket.
  • We do NOT recommend booking show or play tickets on your travel day, delays could prevent you from attending.


  • 8 am: All Guests: Welcome Meeting with Steven Curtis Chapman
  • 9 am: Chorus Members: CHORUS REHEARSAL
  • 10 am: Friends Members (Non Chorus Event Attendees): Steven Curtis Chapman Q&A
  • 12 pm: All Guest: Lunch Break
  • 1:15 pm: Chorus Members: CHORUS REHEARSAL with Steven Curtis Chapman (Friends Members invited to attend rehearsal)
  • 4:15 pm: Free Time Begins for ALL GUESTS
  • 5:00 pm: 9/11 Memorial National Park (We will open this activity up for reservations on October 1st – you will need to sign-up in advance – There will be limited space available.)
  •  Look for Broadway Shows and Purchase Tickets HERE:


  • 10 am to 12 pm: Friends Members (Non Chorus Members): Central Park Carriage Rides
  • Chorus members who would also like a ride should contact for more information on getting a ticket.
  • 1 pm: All guests welcome: ORCHESTRA REHEARSAL
  • 2 to 5 pm: Final Dress Rehearsal – Choir should wear comfortable clothing
  • 2 pm Friends Members: Carnegie Hall Backstage Tours
  • 5 to 6 pm: All Participants: Dress for Concert and Recommended Light Snack (Dinner served on the post-concert Dinner Cruise)
  • 6:30 pm: All Chorus participants MUST be in position and ready for the concert (Chorus members can NOT be late)
  • 7:00 pm: Concert Begins
  • 9:30 pm: Concert ends and all chorus and friends members will be shuttled to the dinner cruise on the NEW YORK INFINITI with Steven Curtis Chapman.
  • After the ship returns all members will be shuttled back to the hotel.


  • Morning Free or…
  • 7:45 am: Optional for All guests: Brooklyn Tabernacle Church Service
  • Group will meet in the hotel lobby to go together by subway.
  • 11:45 am: Return from Brooklyn Tabernacle Church Service
  • 12 pm: Checkout of hotel
  • Airport shuttles begin at noon to LaGuardia International Airport
  • All Sunday Departures will have assigned shuttle times.


  • If you are flying into LGA, shuttles will run on Thursday and Sunday.
  • If you are arriving via any means other than LGA or are arriving before Thursday, February 6th; departing after Sunday, February 9th you are responsible for your own airport transfers.
  • Be sure to check on your flight status before travel, watch for schedule changes and anticipate delays. You never know about weather in January.


  • Sheraton Times Square Hotel
    811 7th Avenue
    New York, NY
  • Check-in at our SCC Courtesy Desk in the Sheraton New York Lobby.
  • Then you will go to the hotel front desk to receive your room keys


  • Expect cold weather in FEBRUARY (Average high 36; Average low 24)
  • Remember those are averages… which means it can be colder.
  • Winter weather related travel delays can occur, which is why we do NOT recommend purchasing tickets to Broadway plays for the night that you arrive on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2014.


  • If you are concerned about weather, health or any other personal issues that may interrupt your travel to NYC, you may want to consider a travel insurance policy.
  • This insurance will provide coverage for financial losses related to an interrupted trip. You may consider this to be a good idea since all trip deposits are non-refundable.
  • For complete Travel Protection coverage of your NYC Travel Package contact True North Presents for information.  Third party travel insurance providers may not cover all features of your NYC Land/Air Package.


  • Meal choices in every price range can be found within short walking distance of our hotel. Also the Sheraton New York has a restaurant inside the hotel.
  • We will share several recommended food spots in the master schedule when it is sent to all booked guests in early November.

615.775.1088 or email

Event Is Produced By:
Steven Curtis Chapman in association with True North Presents

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